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Centre for the Development of Information Systems

The Centre for the Development of Information Systems performs tasks in the scope of construction, development, support and exploitation of ICT systems operated or planned to be operated by the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute.

The Centre implements IT projects in the field of environmental protection, resulting, among others, from the activities conducted in cooperation with or commissioned by the Ministry of Climate and the National Centre for Balancing and Managing Emissions. It also creates and develops original software to support internal administrative processes functioning in the Institute.


The Centre comprises the following teams:

  • User Support Team is responsible for accepting requests from users of developed and maintained systems and for monitoring their resolution. The team manages incoming notifications about IT incidents, keeps a register of incidents, diagnoses problems, and examines user satisfaction with the quality of provided services. Analysis of reports resulting from registered incidents enables efficient elimination of problems hindering work of system users and improvement of software, including in terms of ergonomics of use.
  • Software Quality Control Team is responsible for verifying the correct operation of IT systems as well as for controlling and ensuring the quality of supplied software. Manual testers and automatic test designers prepare test scenarios, which they then implement, providing reports and test results to relevant teams. Keeping records of detected errors and defects and monitoring test results allows for proper assessment of the quality of the tested software and quick diagnosis of the cause of errors.
  • Information Systems Analysis Team is responsible for obtaining requirements from project stakeholders, performing analysis and verification of feasibility of these requirements, and developing their specifications. Business and systems analysts design and model business processes, provide requirements specification to programming teams and maintain requirements documentation. They are responsible for developing and updating the project schedule, executing mid-term and long-term plans and preparing instructions for system users.
  • Information Systems Production Team is responsible for the production and implementation of software. The team’s architects and software engineers develop information system architectures, algorithms and data structures, remove errors that occur during software development, and document program code. The team’s tasks also include the creation of unit tests which verify the correctness of operation of individual programme elements.
  • IT Environment Maintenance Team is responsible for managing IT infrastructure for software development processes and configuration of IT services. Server administrators and system administrators are responsible for configuration and maintenance of environments for projects, documentation of infrastructure and creating backup copies and archiving databases. They also administer the websites and information services entrusted to the Centre and publish the content received.
  • Promotion and Training Team is responsible for planning and implementing marketing and information activities, managing communication with stakeholders and contacting the media regarding IT projects. The team’s activities also include organising and conducting training courses for system users, developing information and promotional materials, and drafting communications for project stakeholders.

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